Stores and Dining

Milan Variety and Luncheonette
Store Hours: 6AM to 8PM Daily, Every Day
( 603 )449-6726
Supplier of Blue Seal Feeds
Including Sun Flower Seeds for the Birds
Luncheonette Hours:
Sunday thru Thursday: 6AM - 2PM
Friday: 6AM to 8 PM
Saturday: 6AM - 2PM with Subs and Pizza 2PM - 7PM

(Old West Milan Store)
Store Hours: 6 AM to 7PM Monday through Friday
Saturday 7 AM to 7 PM . . . . . . . Sunday 7AM to 5PM
( 603 )449-2236
Ammunition, Blue Seal Feeds,Hunters Weigh in Station
Propane Tank Refilling, Gasoline, Canoe Rentals, Live Bait
Pizza and Breakfast Sandwiches with some Good coffee